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AJ Feb 12, 2013 12:55PM PST

I have a bike with serial number WUD092123512E. Is there any way to get a detailed spec sheet for this bike?

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Robert Lofgran Feb 13, 2013 10:24AM PST

The serial numbers on Specialized bikes do not actually hold information (like the VIN number on a car). Our serial numbers are simply put on the bike as an individual ID number that can be provided to law enforcement in the event the bike is stolen. So, the serial number is not the way to determine the model and/or year of a bike. The only way to know for certain which year your bicycle was produced is to use the archive information available on our website. Our online photo and information archive dates back to 2003 (if your bike is older than that, refer to the instructions at the bottom). Each model will have a different parts specification and paint job from year to year and about every three years the model will go through a complete frame overhaul. Knowing this you should be able to visually verify the year your bicycle was produced by comparing it with the archived photos and simply use the process of elimination to find your bike. Available spec sheets will be listed with each bike.

The online archive can be accessed by going to, then going to the Support section and then Archive. This will provide you with the main 'drop down' menu. From here it should be pretty self explanatory.

If your bicycle is older than a 2003 model, you can use other online resources such as Bikepedia to find more information: or feel free to send us a photo and we'll see what we can provide.

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