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Roubaix/Tarmac, Expert, SL3 vs SL4

Byron Jan 08, 2013 07:23AM PST

I own a SL3 Tarmac Expert. I am looking at picking up an additional ride, Roubaix Expert. I want something for long rides that leaves me less fatigued from being in the saddle for 3 hours plus. I ride 3-4 time a week with 1-2 long rides a week. What performance differences will I notice with the Roubaix Vs my Tarmac. What is the difference in the SL3 & SL4 frame set? Thanks in advance for all reply's.

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Robert Walgamott Jan 11, 2013 07:36AM PST

The Roubaix's main features are that it puts you in a slightly more upright riding position, absorbs more vibrations from the road and has a longer wheelbase which means it is more stable, especially when descending. All these things ad up to a bike that you can stay fresher on, longer. In other words, it is an 'Endurance' bike.
The SL4 has basically improved the numbers that matter over the SL3 (which was already a stellar bike). In short, the SL4 frame design is lighter, stiffer torsionaly (which makes it more efficient and turn better) and more comfortable because the frame design allows for even more vertical compliance (the ability to absorb vibrations and bumps in the road).

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