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2013 Secteur Frame vs. Roubaix Frame Durability

Brooke Walton Dec 29, 2012 08:49AM PST

Hi, I am a 6'-2 1/2" tall rider who weighs 210 pounds. I am an avid mountain biker who wants to get into road riding. I’ve ridden in two Centuries and three Sprint Triathlons over the last few years and would like to get a road bike suited to my riding needs. I have tested a 2013 Roubaix Sport (two weeks ago) and a 2012 Secteur Elite (last year) and was wondering which frame material , the Roubaix's carbon fiber frame or the Secteur's aluminum frame, would be more durable and better suited to carry my weight? Note; I ride up a lot of long steep grades, so a comfortable road bike frame with tensional stiffness that doesn't transmit road irregularities/bumps into my body are traits I'm looking for. The road bikes I'm considering are 1) the 2013 Roubaix, 2) the 2013 Roubaix Sport, the 2013 Secteur Elite and the 2013 Secteur Sport. I'm even considering a Cyclecross bike like the Crux with 700 x 25 tires because the frame is more beefed up, has a slightly longer wheel base and puts the rider in a slightly more upright position compared to a traditional road bike. Any advice or guidance on the bikes choices above would be much appreciated-thanks, Brooke.

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Mike Sohm Dec 31, 2012 11:50AM PST SPECIALIZED Agent
Any of those bikes would be great choices, and they would all withstand your weight just fine. The Roubaix is the most comfortable and nicest of the 3 models that you stated.

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