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Axis Classic Wheelset specs/weight info/ect

Chris Agan Dec 04, 2012 06:36AM PST

I picked up a new Dolce Sport for my lady friend and I wanted some info on the Axis Classic wheelset it came with. Front/rear weights, hub used, rider weight info, ect.

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Robert Lofgran Dec 04, 2012 06:55AM PST

The Axis wheels are what are considered OEM or original equipment manufactured wheels. As they are not something that Specialized produces itself or sells as aftermarket wheels we do not have weights for them. Owners of the wheels would have to personally weigh them to get the weight. We purchase the complete wheels from the manufacturer for use only as OEM equipment on bikes. Wheels such as these will generally hold up for riders 240 lbs or under. Once reaching weights close to 240 some riders may experience spoke fatigue that may require them to replace spokes regularly.

Hope that information is helpful. Sorry that full details are not available on all OEM equipment.

Thanks for using our products and have a great day!

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