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shoe sizing

thomas Nov 05, 2012 11:24AM PST

I have an "old" specialized shoe size 48/14.5. I want the same size in my new shoe but the size chart has changed in 2012. So, is "new 49/14.5" or "new 48/13.75" the closest to the "old 48/14.5"?, i.e. which number is the constant: the European or American sizing? I know I know, I should always try on first, but this is not an option in my size. I might as well try to get it right first time

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Robert Lofgran Nov 05, 2012 03:56PM PST SPECIALIZED Agent
The European size is constant. The shoes are made to European sizing and there is no direct translation from European to American sizing. Therefore the U.S. size from year to year has varied but the European size will remain the same.

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