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Rob Jul 05, 2012 09:05AM PDT

The archive seems to lop off at 2007 now. It used to go further back (in fact, one FAQ answer still says that the archive goes back to 2002: )

Any plans to bring back the full(er) archive?



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Robert Lofgran Jul 05, 2012 09:08AM PDT SPECIALIZED Agent
When the new web site was launched most of the archive information was lost. Our web site administrators are working on bringing the archive information back to how it was previously. Currently if your bike is older than 2007 the best resource available is

Thanks for your patience.
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Timshel Feb 16, 2013 01:23AM PST
Any chance the missing archive content's been found. I'm looking for geometry specs for my 2005 Enduro.
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Robert Lofgran Feb 19, 2013 02:06PM PST SPECIALIZED Agent
We just e-mailed the geometry over to you.


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