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Echelon Sizing

Shirley Jun 10, 2012 03:00PM PDT

What is the size range for a Medium Echelon helmet? My husband and I both need helmets. His head size is 23 1/4" and mine is 21 7/8. Are these both medium?

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Robert Lofgran Jun 11, 2012 01:22PM PDT SPECIALIZED Agent
Here is a link to our helmet sizing chart.

Looks like you would probably be a medium and he would be a large. Whenever someone is right on the edge of the helmet sizing they are generally going to be most comfortable in the next size up as the sizing overlaps.

Thanks for using our products and have a great day.
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Shirley Jun 12, 2012 08:11AM PDT
The link to the helmet sizing wasn't included.
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Robert Walgamott Jun 13, 2012 02:22PM PDT SPECIALIZED Agent
Sorry about that. Here is the link to the helmet fit chart. Follow the '3 size' chart:

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