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Steerer tube expander plug

E. Hirvela Feb 02, 2012 07:32PM PST

The PACKAGE INSERT for the Specialized steerer tube expander plug I got from you via internet says: "22.3 mm red sleeve (road)/ 23.4 mm black sleeve (mtn)". If you look at the Specialized site for your steerer tube expander plug, it SAYS the EXACT OPPOSITE: RED SLEEVE for the carbon steer tubes on Mountain Bikes and BLACK SLEEVE for Road Bikes. SO WHICH IS RIGHT? Black sleeve for road bike carbon steer tube or mountain bike? Red sleeve for road or mountain bike steer tube? Seems like they can't both be or Specialized would not have included two different sleeves in the product. Please answer/ correct ASAP. Tx EH

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Robert Lofgran Feb 17, 2012 09:23AM PST

It is as shown on the Specialized web site.

Red for mountain
Black for road.


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