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checking cancelled card and order

Sang-uk Park Feb 03, 2016 07:30AM PST


I odered a powermeter on the Specialized online store 2weeks ago.

But now order status is CANCELLED.

What is wrong?

could you let me know cancelled card data or not?

Please reply to this email ASAP.

Thank you.

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Thomas Fowler Feb 03, 2016 07:31AM PST SPECIALIZED Agent
Please email us your order number at or call 877-808-8154
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Sang-uk Park Feb 07, 2016 03:51AM PST
i have no order number because you got rid of that number on specialized site

My card is Shinhan Visa card, starting number is 4518

I hope that this situation is resolved quicklly.
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Thomas Fowler Feb 08, 2016 08:06AM PST SPECIALIZED Agent
I do not see any order under your name, and you do not have an order number. Your order has been canceled out!

Please place a new order.

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