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Dmitry Sep 06, 2015 04:59AM PDT

help me this is my last chance! Good time of day!
Thank you for understanding !
I can test your products in extreme and everyday conditions.
I'm going to advertise your products and write reviews about it!
My name is Dmitry Savenkov!
My height is 181cm. Weight 56kg.
I'm 17 years old, master of sports of cycling!
Mtb ride championships of Ukraine and amateur racing, and leave on the race in Russia.
I love mtb for speed, adrenaline, technical areas. For clean air in the woods, where you can stay in peace with yourself and the bike)
My favorite discipline is cross-country to 1.30)
And especially I like dressing up the hill from the 4km (only where all hang around)

In the next season pass 2-3 marathon
Cups Cross Country and LKU!

My achievements for the 2014-2015 year.

4 hour marathon solo "Sevastopol" 4th place among the elite 04/05/2014

Dnepropetrovsk cliff 6v Marathon 2nd place among fans 05/18/2014

Krivoy Rog LKU 2 Stage 1 among athletes 06/07/2014

Kharkov Championship Cross Country 2 among men 06.07.2014

Marathon Championship of Ukraine Kirovograd 5th place among juniors

Cross-country 4 among juniors

Many Chernovtsy 4 day race among juniors
Team standings 1st place 06-10.08.2014

Ukrainian Cup elyuminatory 2nd place among juniors Kharkiv 09.18.2014

Championship of Ukraine Ander 23 years. 5th Kharkiv 09.19.2014

Cross-country 4 among juniors Kharkiv 09.20.2014

Kharkov bridges 4th place among the elite

Kharkov championship in cross-country juniors 1 place

Championship of Ukraine cross 2 place Juniors Kharkiv 10.23.2014

Group 1 race of the cross among men 10.24.2014

He graduated in 2014 in the ranking of 7th among juniors (17-18 years)


Ukrainian championship race in the mountain 2nd place among juniors Uzhgorod 03.26.2015

Championship of Ukraine small circle of 4th Junior Uzhgorod 03.20.2015

Ukrainian Championship Cross Country 5th Uzhgorod 03.27.2015

1 cup cross country Odessa 3rd place juniors 04/10/2015

Kharkiv highway road race 2nd place among men 04.27.2015

2 Cup cross-country Kharkiv 3rd place Junior 04/28/2015

2 Relay Championship of Ukraine among men 04/27/2015 Kharkov

3 Cup cross-country Sumy 3rd place Junior 01/05/2015

4 Cup cross-country Chernivtsi 2 place Juniors 05/16/2015

5 Cup Cross Country Kirovograd 5th place among juniors

Marathon Championship of Ukraine Kirovograd 5th place among juniors

Cross-country Belgorod 1 among men 07.12.2015

6 Cup Cross Country Uzhgorod 3rd place Junior 02/08/2015

Many Chernovtsy 5 day race among juniors 04-08.08.2015

Kharkiv highway 3 road race among men

Criterium 1st place among men 22-23.08.2015

Thank you for understanding !

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