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Chris White Jun 13, 2013 06:20AM PDT

I just was at my local bike shop to purchase my first Specialized bike. They had a catalog of 2014 models but only had the one catalog. I can order now but I guess it won't be available until the beginning of July. Is there an online version of this catalog? I want to see what colors might be available and different pricing or models? There isn't much stock in the 2013 models as I was going to get the 2013 Rockhopper pro 29er in black(not available). I shouldn't have to wait to see what I might order or my options? I'll just have to go with another brand.

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Kyle Blomquist Jun 13, 2013 01:31PM PDT SPECIALIZED Agent

Because the 2014 model-year lineup is not released until August, there is still very little preliminary information available. We do not have any catalogs for 2014 available at this point. You can certainly get in contact with your bike shop again and see what information is in that catalog, or, for some models, there have been (albeit intentional) "leaks" of information on some 2014 bikes, so a simple Google search might get you pretty far. If there is any additional specific information you are seeking, you can give our customer service line a call at 877.808.8154 and we can answer some specific questions you might have.

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