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How do I apply for a Specialized sponsorship?

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2013 07:26AM PDT
Due to the high number of sponsorship/donation requests that we receive on a daily basis, sponsorship requests are now only accepted and processed through our local dealers.

As sponsorship and donations can affect our dealers and business in their area these requests must now be made through them. If your local dealer is on board with your cause and or feels that you would be a good athlete ambassador for our products and for them they can help you get available sponsorship support through their sales and account representatives. 

Being a sponsored athlete is a privilege and responsibility. It is not for everyone and unfortunately not able to be offered to all that request this support. As a sponsored athlete or event you are expected to promote the sport and the services and products of your local dealership and Specialized products with class and dignity. You should only contact your local dealer regarding sponsorship opportunities if you are serious about promoting and being an ambassador for your local dealer and Specialized.
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