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Differences in women's apparel

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2013 03:34PM PDT
It is no secret that women have a different anatomy than men. They are also shaped and proportioned differently. Generally, women are shorter, smaller, and curvier, so it's no surprise that men's garments often don't fit well on women. Taking these differences into consideration, we have developed women's-specific patterns for all of our women's apparel.

Our women's jerseys not only have more feminine colors and graphics, but also a more feminine fit. The length is shorter, the diameters are smaller, and curves are accounted for.

For all of our women's shorts, we decrease the inseam length, increase leg diameter, and widened the waist belt for a more comfortable and flattering fit. On the inside of our women's shorts, you will find our women's-specific chamois. Because women do not need the extra coverage up front, the chamois is shorter, decreasing material and increasing airflow. We also added a center channel for relief and strategically placed foam so that the right amount of padding is present in the right places.
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